Would You Replicate Or Write Yourself?

For content writers, existence is hardly ever rosy. Their function in website construction is rarely appreciated, though everyone understands in the rear of their thoughts that it’s the well-written content that generally fetches internet search engine traffic.

Would You Replicate Or Write Yourself? they don’t

One reason content writers think it is tough is that we now have already enough contents on the net. That makes it easy for new site owners to copy-paste them since it suits, modified with minimal changes occasionally. You may look I’m skeptical. But I understand that is true from my knowledge.

Recently I am asked to complete ‘exceptional’ contents for a resort website. When I estimate my fees, they’re astonished. They’re not ready to fork out my supposedly high costs because they ‘understand’ all I’d do is definitely copy-paste contents from different websites. If therefore, I inquire further, why can’t they perform it themselves?

They state they don’t possess time, therefore want the task hired out.

I get the good sense that they don’t contain period for such ‘nondescript’ do the job, nor do they come to feel the work is any other thing more than simple copy-paste. Of training they caution that copy-paste should be done so that no legal tangle ensues due to ‘plagiarism’.

So that’s what they truly want. They don’t want web content that’s unique, highly relevant to the site’s will need, smells of top quality and speaks of worth. They just wish ‘any’ (read ‘copied’) content sans legal difficulties.

If you are feeling this episode can be an exception, you may well be in for surprise. Just simply seem at postings of article writing careers in Elance, Guru, etc. What you’ll mostly see are works that require a huge selection of content pages for the average charge around $5. I’ve even run into one which wants 120, 400-word articles each day for $1.5 apiece. The job-heading proudly says: Earn upward of $3000 on a monthly basis for article writing.

Of study course, there is another aspect of this story. In fact there happen to be websites that search for quality content, very well modulated, analytical and non-plagiarized. It’s usually a pleasure to do the job for them, understanding that an appreciation of benefit is waiting towards the end of the toil.

But such works aren’t many in number, considering that an overwhelming majority is merely not considering quality. Within their hurry to level the site visitors ladder, all they need is quantity, and even more of it in double-quick time.

Since there is absolutely no study up to now (that I’m alert to) to advise how ‘any’ articles weighs against ‘quality’ articles, it is difficult to summarize which strategy is way better: quality or amount. Any thought?

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