Financial Freedom-little Actions to Big Savings


Little Measures to Big Savings

Eat in the home – Save $240!

Reduce ATM charges and be budget-conscious – Make one regular withdrawal!

Buy generic foods – Save $300!

Buy only non-perishable foods as needed. Look over your cupboards. Eat everything in them before investing in more food. – Lessen your grocery bill by 1 / 2!

Financial Freedom-little Actions to Big Savings

No CABLE TELEVISION – Save over $40.

Stop renting movies – Look over your video library watching videos you already very own.

Buy a water filtration system rather than using water in bottles – Save $20!

Sign up for a limited-use cellphone plan. Utilize the phone only in the event of emergency – Save $40.

If you smoke, give up smoking. Not merely are you being healthy and balanced; you’re saving cash. – Save $20.

Use one or these mantras to assist you evaluate your spending patterns:

Is this a Have to have or a Want? – Videos, vacations, computers, mobile phones, and fast food are examples of luxuries that one could live without.

Sweat the tiny Stuff – A couple us dollars here and there accumulate quickly.

Free is Very good – Clip coupons, {pay attention to} the radio {rather than} buying CDs, {watching} free TV {rather than} cable.

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